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Show Your Customers They Can Rely on You

No matter what your business, a day will come when a customer calls you with an emergency and asks for your help. Always be ready to go above and beyond when this happens. This is not a customer asking for free stuff, or special response time for no reason. This is when a customer has a genuine crisis and there is something you can do to help. Even if it costs you a little extra money, the benefits you will get from a testimonial after you have saved the day will pay off many times over. You should jump at the opportunity to help.

When I worked in the office products industry, we called them “toner stories.” Some

businesses, such as accounting and law firms, are very time-sensitive. In the days when

accounting firms relied predominately on printed documents, running out of toner just days

prior to April 15th devastated them. Many times, our employees picked up toner in our

warehouse and delivered it to a business in crisis in their own car on their own time. It is just

what we did.

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