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About Us

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Ellen McIlhenny

Ellen McIlhenny has been helping businesses save money and plan for the future for over twenty years. As a fractional CFO, she has worked with manufacturers, construction companies, wholesale distributors, and diverse business services. Prior to founding CFO Plus Services, she was a corporate Chief Financial Officer and Controller in mid-size and privately held companies, where she obtained extensive experience in transition and succession planning. 

In addition to consulting, Ellen is a published author, active VLOGGER, and public speaker.  Her book “The Big Turnaround – How Bad Management Nearly Destroyed an Exceptional Company” is a business novel addressing some of the most prevalent challenges small business owners face today.  Her book was a finalist for a 2018 Author Academy Award.

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Brenda Powers

Brenda Powers has always strived to learn new things, and provide loyalty, respect, and teamwork within the workplace. It is important to know that hard work and having values is what will make you stand out in your career and your personal life. 


Brenda studied at Braxton School of Business and received a certificate in Computerized Accounting. She later studied at Villanova University and earned a certificate in Business Process Improvement. She has worked with many software systems over her career and mastered all of them. 


For Brenda family comes first.  She loves being with her family. It has been important to her to teach her children ethics, hard work and dedication to anything they choose to pursue in their lives.

Carlson Mcilhenny


Carlson is currently in the last year of his undergraduate at Virginia Tech working towards
his bachelor’s degree in public relations. During his time at Virginia Tech, Carlson has had
many opportunities to collaborate firsthand with different clients providing diverse services
such as news releases and speech manuscripts. One client Carlson did work for was The
School of Neuroscience at Virginia Tech, helping them to roll out their new Bridge
Experience Program set to launch in the fall of 2024.


Aside from his work as an undergraduate, Carlson attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the
winter of 2019. Carlson believes in the true value of demanding work and making sure he
puts all he has into everything he does. More than anything else, he values his family and

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