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Show Your Customers Some Love

There is no question that life is much easier when your customers love you. Obviously, the number one way to make them love you is providing a quality product in a timely manner. However, another path to your customers’ hearts is to actively promote them anytime you can. If your customers are also your vendors, and if you like their products and services, give them written testimonials. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter make customer promotion much easier today. Keep your eye on the local business section of the newspaper. Look for special anniversaries, personnel appointments, or open houses. When you see things that are promotable, give them a shout out on your social media.

I learned this technique from a gentleman who owns a successful consulting company. He specializes in helping businesses improve their online presence. He said that customer promotion works well for his clients. So well, that he, too, spends much time following what is going on with current, past, and potential clients, so he can mention them on LinkedIn and Twitter. It is amazing, he said, how many customers have reciprocated by doing written testimonials shortly after he has promoted them.

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