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A company’s culture of communication, good or bad, starts at the top. It is so important to set a good example by being as transparent as possible to the entire management team. That team, in turn, needs to communicate well with its employees. The “team” will be a team in name only if no open line of communication exists. It is uncomfortable and counterproductive to work in an environment where you feel that you are not part of the team. In an honest, open environment, disputes are resolved much more quickly and satisfactorily. In exit interviews, lack of communication is one of the leading reasons ex-employees give for leaving.

Personally, I have worked in environments where the communication from the top has been great, and others where it has been terrible. Though, I got up each morning and gave my job 100% in both situations. I can tell you without exception, I was happier and more productive when I felt I was part of a real team. I have always equated a lack of communication to a lack of trust. Which makes continuing to do a high-level job quite untenable.

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