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Be a Little Risky

Certainly, it is always ill-advised to take risks that are not well thought out or are reckless but to gain true success in a small business venture, you cannot totally risk-averse. Besides, there could be benefits that far exceed your wildest dreams. Just the act of putting yourself out there helps you build your confidence and helps you overcome your fears. Whether you succeed abundantly or fail miserably due to risk, it is always a learning experience. One of my favorite quotes is, “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise” – Anonymous. So many people sit on the sidelines their entire lives being safe but miserable.

All you must do is think of some of the greatest risk-takers in business and what our country, our world, would be like had they not followed their dreams. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company), and Richard Branson (Virgin Airways) are three in the long line of people who took enormous personal risks to start and grow their companies. In the case of these three gentlemen, the payoff was in the billions.

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