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Ask Your Customers What They Think Of You

Asking for customer feedback is one of the most useful tools to get a good measurement of your overall customer satisfaction. This leads to product and service improvements which will help you gain and retain more customers. In addition, many people appreciate that you value their opinions. There are many ways to ask for feedback, but a survey is the easiest way and it is measurable. Many operating systems have report options that will create a survey and send it to a customer once a ticket is closed in the system. From this automation comes useful reporting. If your operating system is not an option, there are many online survey products such as Survey Monkey, Google Forms, or Client Heartbeat.

Whatever survey tool you use, make sure your customers understand exactly what they need to do. Our company used a sophisticated tool that graded the technician on a scale and gave a box for comments. Occasionally we received some strange results because some customers did not give a scaled grade but did give high praise to the technician. When we ran the reports, they showed a low score for the technician even though all the comments were positive. In this situation, we needed to instruct the respondents to comment on and to scale the technician’s work.

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