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Answering The Phone: Simple, But Important

Controlling your message and a potential customer’s perception of you is important today. The first impression of your company often comes from the person who answers the telephone. When you hire that individual, that person’s professionalism on the telephone is one of the most important qualities to look for. However, a scripted greeting that gives your company an air of friendliness and helpfulness goes a long way toward giving you control of the impression you want to convey.

Good delivery is essential, which underlines the importance of the person answering your telephone.

I admit I have not always been an advocate for the telephone script. To me, it seemed contrived. When our company adopted the practice, I was not sure how well our callers would accept it. I was surprised by all the positive feedback I received from people who called me. “Professional,” “competent,” and “friendly” are some of the words they said to describe the impressions they had received.

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